Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Psychology
University of Toronto

Education and Experience

  • PhD in Social, Personality, and Health Psychology, 2015-2019

         Carleton University

  • Visiting Scholar, Social Cognition Center Cologne, 2018
    University of Cologne

  • MSc in Social Psychology, 2013-2015
    University of Victoria

  • BA (with distinction and honours) in Psychology, 2009-2013
    University of Rochester

I am a SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Affective Science and Health Laboratory (Mentor: Dr. Brett Ford) at the University of Toronto. 


My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand the factors that facilitate successful self-regulation and goal pursuit. I also have a strong interest in measurement (e.g., construct and ecological validity),  advanced quantitative methods (e.g., multilevel SEM, Bayesian statistics), research design (e.g., experimental, longitudinal, experience sampling), and meta-science (e.g., transparent and reproducible research practices). Outside of the lab, I am also an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science.

During Summer 2021, I am teaching the seminar course, The Science of Behaviour Change (PSYD13) at the University of Toronto Scarborough. This course  introduces students to sustainable strategies for behaviour change through the dual lens of psychology and economics. This course was inspired by and adapted (with permission) from The Behavior Change for Good Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania.


Recent News

  • New co-authored paper on perfectionism and focused self-concept in the context of gambling and disordered eating (led by collaborator and friend, Dr. Nassim Tabri) accepted at Journal of Behavioral Addictions!

  • New co-authored paper examining self-control strategies and eating behaviours using ESM  (led by collaborator and friend, Dr. Richard Lopez) accepted at Motivation and Emotion!

  • Awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant to study polyregulation in everyday life using ESM.

Upcoming Presentations

  • September 2021: SPSP Free Form Friday on How to Approach Postdoc Advisors -- sign up here!

  • November 2021: Virtual presentation to the Department of Psychology at Columbia University.

  • February 2022: SPSP Annual Convention in San Francisco, California -- check back for final presentation details!

​Interested in having me speak to your group or organization on the science of self-control, motivation, and goal pursuit?  Let's chat! 
Email me at kaitlyn.werner@utoronto.ca